Mooka Juicer Review

Juicing your fruits and vegetables can be some of the most tedious work known to man. I hate doing it on a daily basis to get my 5 a day and making sure that I get all my vitamins and nutrients. So what I’ve decided to do is to invest into the best juicer I could find.

The best juicer for me should have several features that make it great. Starting off I want a juicer machine that has a lot of power to it. If the machine isn’t causing a loud noise in my kitchen, then it’s probably underpowered. Next up I need it to be a centrifugal juicer, these ones really crush and tear apart your fruits into liquid, unlike the masticating ones which are only just fancy versions of a lemon squeezer.

mooka juicerNext thing that I want the juicer to have is a nice sleek and modern design. Breville has some great designs on their juicer range, but personally, I prefer the Mooka juicer. This juicer has some of the most elegant looking visuals on a kitchen appliance that I have ever seen.

Finally, my last requirement for my new fancy juicing machine is that it can make strawberries into red liquid. I love strawberry juice and I find it to be the sweetest and refreshing juice I can have. Many of my friends prefer to get pineapple or orange juice, but for me personally, that tastes pretty bad and doesn’t make me a happy person.

So that will sum up my preference for juicers. Remember that Mooka is probably the best manufacturer in the space and has produced some of the most versatile, powerful and best value for money juicing machines we’ve seen.

As always if you find getting a machine to crush up your fruit & veg to be too extravagant, then you can always opt for a hand juicer.

6Feeki Gaming Mouse Gaming Mouse Review

Computer gaming has changed in the digital era in 2018. Advanced gaming computers and gaming equipment are changing the definition of virtual gaming in the 21st century and if you are a gamer, you probably know it very well. Mice play an important role in computer gaming and hence you need an advanced mouse along with numerous exclusive features and latest technology.

You can see a vast range of gaming merchandise nowadays if you are planning to get a new gaming mouse, you should be careful while selecting the best mouse from hundreds of products. 6Feeki is a new USB wired gaming mouse With 7 auto-changing color’s cool LED lights. If you are searching for an all-purpose mouse, you can have a look on 6Feeki gaming mouse. We’ve seen many gaming mice come about, but if TheTechInsider is giving this the go ahead, then we give it a great review!

7 level adjustable DPI

Several computer gameplay requires swift movement and faster actions. Adjustable DPI is a perfect choice for such users. The new 6Feeki gaming mouse comes with Adoption 7-Color RGB Breathing Light Cycle Replacement features and you can also control the 7-Type DPI Rating with the help of the DPI button. You can also adjust as per your personal preference that ranges from 1000 DPI (RED), 1600 DPI (GREEN), 2400DPI (BLUE), 3200DPI (YELLOW),  4800DPI (PINK), 5500DPI (SKY BLUE), 6800DPI (WHITE). Another interesting feature of this mouse is the light changing control where players can choose any particular color of light or switch off the light effect.

Latest design

6Feeki Gaming MouseThe new 6Feeki gaming mouse has got the latest design and the wired mouse comes with 7 customizable DPI levels and you can change the mode with a single click on the mouse. The wired mouse comprises a fire button that enhances the gaming experience on the screen.

Ergonomic Design

6Feeki gaming mouse has got an ergonomic design to offer a great gaming experience in front of the computer. You can see the non-slippery coating that aims to give you a great hand feeling while gaming for long hours. Gamers often face numerous problems with the shape and design of mice that prevent gaming for long hours. You won’t face such problems while playing with this.


The new mouse gets a scroll wheel along with rubber and a skin-friendly surface that gives you comfort while playing. Moreover, if you are not a gamer and willing to use this mouse for your general use, you can also use it. The mouse comes with the tag of gaming mouse however you can use it as an all purposes mouse too.


6Feeki Gaming mouse offers a strong compatibility and a brilliant gaming experience that supports Windows 7/8.0/8.1/10/XP/Mac. The forward button and back button work great while browsing the web.

6Feeki Gaming mouse comes with an affordable price at the same time and it is really hard to find such a mouse with advanced features at such a budget. If you are looking for a basic gaming mouse, you can take a look.

Best Pizzelle Maker 2018

Chef’s Choice 835 Pizzelle Pro Express Bake

The Chef’s Choice 835 can bake multiple 3-inch pizzelle’s at the same time. Baking them to perfection in a quick 45-60 seconds, it will make a perfectly imprinted Pizzelle for you in a very short period of time. Having nonstick plates is a huge benefit of using the 835, it makes the Pizzelles stay in one piece, whilst also helping you with cleaning since there won’t be tons of pieces stuck inside the grooves and gaps. The best pizzelle though can be found after doing countless hours of research, check places like and others and be comparing reviews.

Overall the 835 is our favorite Pizzelle maker on the market, priced at such a reasonable amount it’s the perfect gift for Christmas or for anyone who simply has a love for these waffle style cookies! Italians from all over the world have approved this machinery as the number one in the industry for making perfect pizzelle.

Cucina Pro’s Piccolo Pizzelle Baker

Priced similarly to the Chef’s Choice 835, the Piccolo by Cucina Pro is an amazing pizzelle maker. Featuring 4 different pizzelle imprints and 2 different designs, you can make some amazing pizzelles with this machine. Cookies made with this are the standard size of 3.25 inches. Often with machinery like this, burning your hands is quite common, however, the Piccolo comes with a steam guard to help protect your hands.

Similar to the 835 it also comes with a 100% non-stick build, so you can clean it easier and cook with much more ease. With the extra-thick plates for baking, the heat distribution is balanced evenly across the entire pizzelle, making it cook evenly throughout.

Cucina Pro’s Piccolo

Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press

Cuisinart is a brand leader in the kitchen and produces high quality and high-grade appliances for everyday use. They build all their appliances with high-quality materials and make sure they are durable. The Cuisinart WM-PZ2 is made and built to create 2 4-inch pizzelles ready to eat in just under a few minutes. Designed with amazing patterns to make aesthetically pleasing pizzelle, you simply cannot go wrong with the WM-PZ2.

Additionally to the Pizzelle maker you also receive a measuring spoon to help you accurately measure out the correct amount of mixture required for each pizzelle, as well as a rolling dowel for cannoli. The locking lid helps the pizzelles brown evenly.

VillaWare V5000 Pizzelle Baker

Beware when it comes to the VillaWare V5000 is intended for serious bakers who want to make Pizzelles on a professional level. This machinery can only be described as pure perfection, it will make you two 5-inch pizzelles in just over 30 seconds. The machine tries to make your job as easy as possible and has an automatic thermostat and indicator light to let you know when it’s heated and ready for cooking.

Built with a chrome housing and steam guard on the machine, it will protect your hands from burning and steam. Tubular heating elements make sure that your pizzelles are heated evenly throughout and that cooking is as close to perfect as possible.

Palmer Classic Pizzelle Maker

The Palmer Pizzelle Maker produces 2 5 inch cookies in a very short amount of time. With cast aluminium plates you cannot go wrong. Seen as a middleman between the expensive V5000 and the lower end machines, the Palmer Pizzelle Maker is a perfect balance and will create crispy pizzelles in just half the time of hand irons.

If you’re worried about spending slightly more compared to other cheaper alternatives, then do not worry as this Pizzelle Maker comes with a 5-year warranty.