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6Feeki Gaming Mouse Gaming Mouse Review

Computer gaming has changed in the digital era in 2018. Advanced gaming computers and gaming equipment are changing the definition of virtual gaming in the 21st century and if you are a gamer, you probably know it very well. Mice play an important role in computer gaming and hence you need an advanced mouse along with numerous exclusive features and latest technology.

You can see a vast range of gaming merchandise nowadays if you are planning to get a new gaming mouse, you should be careful while selecting the best mouse from hundreds of products. 6Feeki is a new USB wired gaming mouse With 7 auto-changing color’s cool LED lights. If you are searching for an all-purpose mouse, you can have a look on 6Feeki gaming mouse. We’ve seen many gaming mice come about, but if TheTechInsider is giving this the go ahead, then we give it a great review!

7 level adjustable DPI

Several computer gameplay requires swift movement and faster actions. Adjustable DPI is a perfect choice for such users. The new 6Feeki gaming mouse comes with Adoption 7-Color RGB Breathing Light Cycle Replacement features and you can also control the 7-Type DPI Rating with the help of the DPI button. You can also adjust as per your personal preference that ranges from 1000 DPI (RED), 1600 DPI (GREEN), 2400DPI (BLUE), 3200DPI (YELLOW),  4800DPI (PINK), 5500DPI (SKY BLUE), 6800DPI (WHITE). Another interesting feature of this mouse is the light changing control where players can choose any particular color of light or switch off the light effect.

Latest design

6Feeki Gaming MouseThe new 6Feeki gaming mouse has got the latest design and the wired mouse comes with 7 customizable DPI levels and you can change the mode with a single click on the mouse. The wired mouse comprises a fire button that enhances the gaming experience on the screen.

Ergonomic Design

6Feeki gaming mouse has got an ergonomic design to offer a great gaming experience in front of the computer. You can see the non-slippery coating that aims to give you a great hand feeling while gaming for long hours. Gamers often face numerous problems with the shape and design of mice that prevent gaming for long hours. You won’t face such problems while playing with this.


The new mouse gets a scroll wheel along with rubber and a skin-friendly surface that gives you comfort while playing. Moreover, if you are not a gamer and willing to use this mouse for your general use, you can also use it. The mouse comes with the tag of gaming mouse however you can use it as an all purposes mouse too.


6Feeki Gaming mouse offers a strong compatibility and a brilliant gaming experience that supports Windows 7/8.0/8.1/10/XP/Mac. The forward button and back button work great while browsing the web.

6Feeki Gaming mouse comes with an affordable price at the same time and it is really hard to find such a mouse with advanced features at such a budget. If you are looking for a basic gaming mouse, you can take a look.