Mooka Juicer Review

Juicing your fruits and vegetables can be some of the most tedious work known to man. I hate doing it on a daily basis to get my 5 a day and making sure that I get all my vitamins and nutrients. So what I’ve decided to do is to invest into the best juicer I could find.

The best juicer for me should have several features that make it great. Starting off I want a juicer machine that has a lot of power to it. If the machine isn’t causing a loud noise in my kitchen, then it’s probably underpowered. Next up I need it to be a centrifugal juicer, these ones really crush and tear apart your fruits into liquid, unlike the masticating ones which are only just fancy versions of a lemon squeezer.

mooka juicerNext thing that I want the juicer to have is a nice sleek and modern design. Breville has some great designs on their juicer range, but personally, I prefer the Mooka juicer. This juicer has some of the most elegant looking visuals on a kitchen appliance that I have ever seen.

Finally, my last requirement for my new fancy juicing machine is that it can make strawberries into red liquid. I love strawberry juice and I find it to be the sweetest and refreshing juice I can have. Many of my friends prefer to get pineapple or orange juice, but for me personally, that tastes pretty bad and doesn’t make me a happy person.

So that will sum up my preference for juicers. Remember that Mooka is probably the best manufacturer in the space and has produced some of the most versatile, powerful and best value for money juicing machines we’ve seen.

As always if you find getting a machine to crush up your fruit & veg to be too extravagant, then you can always opt for a hand juicer.

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